Woah, this isn’t where I parked my car…

Things looking a bit different around here eh?  Got a new splash of paint, some wallpaper here and there, and a couple updates.


Old website of Ken Moini

Man, that is a great looking site

First off, let’s go with my old site…based on around WordPress, single page for the most part, and a dark hallway of pop-up-modal-ajax hell…

  • I had decided to disregard any sane logic for content.  Custom Post Types?  Na, I’d rather hard code some portfolio entries to make sure I don’t ever update the listings in the four years it’s been up
  • I wanted to keep it a completely single page with additional content being loaded via AJAX and presented in full-screen pop-up modals.  It *worked* and I had URL anchor rewrite working as well but it still was kinda silly to go this route.  Yes, there were fewer scripts loaded and less bandwidth used because of this but I could have probably just cached things better and optimized some other things to produce a better experience overall.
  • I don’t care what you say, I like the fushia.
  • Yes, I know I didn’t update it as much as I should have.  That’s what happens when you live your life like a rock star I guess.

Still, it served me well enough.  Now though, it’s time to get serious, it’s time to get mean, it’s time to get scary, it’s time to get things updated.


So what’s changed?

  • No need for a screenshot, take a look around, click a little.
    • Dropped the fuschia, gave it an analogous color that’s a bit easier on the eyes and complimentary to more media.
    • Updated Foundation by ZURB to their newest version (with the XY Grid!)
    • Got rid of the AJAX-y…everything really…
  • Security update
    • So now my personal site is on its own VPS, locked down nice and tight
    • Most things auto-update, cause ain’t nobody got time for that
    • Back-ups are actually off-site now instead of just off-partition…(doh)
    • HTTPS, PWA elements, HTTP2
  • Content
    • More of it!  I’ll actually be active now!


Why bother updating my site?  Well, there’s always a sneaking suspicion that 4 year old code could have some new vulnerabilities.  And also because I hated the AJAX modals and adding content was too long of a process.

I’ll be updating this site a lot more in the future, I owe that to all of my 7 readers.  Also because somehow, I’ve stumbled into a position where I’ll be generating content, demos, documentation, use cases, and putting on workshops.  Cool!

I’ve worked for a couple of larger tech companies the last few years and the common issue I see with many technical organizations is the ‘data silo,’ or ‘tribal knowledge,’ or my personal favorite ‘cylinders of excellence.’  A lot of what I personally know is locked up in this noggin’ of mine and I need to be more diligent in my communication, documentation, and sharing skills.  Who knows, maybe I can be one of those popular and cool blogger guys.

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