Rolling up Let’s Encrypt on Ansible Tower’s UI

The other day someone asked me what I do for fun. “Fun” really has a few different definitions for me, and I’d say for most people.  It could be entertainment, guttural satisfaction, leisurely adventuring about, or maybe for some slightly compulsive people like me, accomplishing a task.  Something I’m kind of overly compulsive about is proper… Read more »

Wrangling Bluetooth in RHEL & CentOS 7

I recently started as the Lead Solution Architect at Fierce Software. It’s been an excellent experience so far and I’m excited to be working with such a great team. At Fierce Software we help Public Sector entities find enterprise ready open source solutions. Our portfolio of vendors is deliberately diverse because in today’s enterprise multi-vendor,… Read more »

Woah, this isn’t where I parked my car…

Things looking a bit different around here eh?  Got a new splash of paint, some wallpaper here and there, and a couple updates. OLD First off, let’s go with my old site…based on around WordPress, single page for the most part, and a dark hallway of pop-up-modal-ajax hell… I had decided to disregard any sane… Read more »

Setup Laravel Homestead on Windows

Recently I’ve been trying to port a custom-made PHP application to the Laravel framework. I’ve been a fan of the Laravel framework for some time now, and with the recent release of Laravel 5, there are a lot of new features that really improve upon the development pipeline, from Laravel Elixir, to full PSR-4 support.… Read more »

Implementing a Secure Remember Me Login Solution

This one set of function sets took me the better part of the day to get to the point to where I’m happy with it. Enough checks and balances for security, handles efficiently, and doesn’t produce any errors! I’m developing a site, from scratch PHP, with a lot of drop-in scripts, reference taken from Composer.… Read more »

Creating a ZenCart Template

Recently I’ve been taking tasks of a masochistic nature. I’ve got a client who’s using ZenCart. It’s an old, and antiquated PHP-based shopping cart software that isn’t updated anymore, isn’t easy to use, and the list goes on. Either way, we’re comparing options of future cart software choices, and one of the things I mention… Read more »