FOXKEEPER is a local band that has a few of my friends rocking out.  Lead vocalist/guitarist/brain-child of FOXKEEPER is Andy Feller and he’s been working on some great content for years and is now sharing his work with the world.  On bass he’s got Steven Pericht, Kyle Burchett on drums, and Jason Ford jamming out on guitar.

They’ve been doing a good deal of touring lately, if you have a chance to see them rock out then jump on and tune in.  Really great energy and stage presence to the shows, and they actually engage the fans!  Humble, talented, and rising fast, get on the train before everyone else does.

I had the pleasure of recreating their web presence.  The previous site was on SiteBuilder, which if you ever used FrontPage and thought that was WYSIWYG hell, SiteBuilder takes that up a notch and kills any sort of sane pragmatism to mark-up.  I got them set up on a proper host on their own VPS, rolled the LEMP stack, and started hacking away at WordPress.  Got a responsive template, throw in some custom markup and CSS, a few plugins, sprinkled on some PWA magic, setup HTTP2, and locked it all down.  Now, Andy and the fellas have a web site that works FOR them, a unified source to post to social media, fan engagement campaigns, and proper metric reporting.  Oh, there’s also a nice little custom SongKick plugin to pull in their tour data in a nice integrated way without iFrames (eww).

There was a large SEO play with this as well.  A few months ago if you Google’d “FOXKEEPER” the web site would show up 6th on the list.  Sad.

I optimized with Lighthouse, got page speed in a great range for being media-centric.  Added in the proper Webmaster integrations, pushed site-maps, a few other SEO tweeks, and boom, we’re at least 2nd now (after SoundCloud…).  Oh, and the Knowledge Graph is active and growing now too!  A few months and FOXKEEPER is gonna be sitting in the search engines real pretty.

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